About Mindfulness

Mindfulness, is it really a “super-power”?

Mindfulness has been referred to as a “superpower” because of the new research studies being published every day indicating its many benefits.  Mindfulness-based techniques have been shown to be beneficial for managing the emotional and physical symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, insomnia, anger and many other issues.  Mindfulness can also improve attention span, focus and working memory, decrease negative emotions and emotional reactivity, and stop rumination.

So what is it?

The term “mindfulness” refers to a specific way of paying attention to our experiences as they are happening in the present moment.  Mindfulness training involves practicing paying attention to the present moment using different exercises such as mindful movement or meditation.  With regular practice we begin to notice habitual patterns of thinking, emotions, and behaviour.  As we become more aware of our patterns, we develop greater freedom to choose how to respond to events in our lives rather than react habitually in unhelpful ways.

How do I become more mindful?

Mindfulness is cultivated through training, just as fitness is improved through regular exercise.  Mindfulness training, commonly referred to as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),  is practiced in a group format over an 8-week period, for 2.5 hours each week.  The group format allows for shared experience and learning, which enhances the benefits of each individual’s practice.  During the eight weeks, a range of mindfulness exercises are practiced together as a group, and are facilitated by a certified MBSR instructor.

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Where do I find out more about a mindfulness training program?

York Region CBT is pleased to announce that we will now offer a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program led by Dr. Amanda Beaman.


9441 Jane Street, Unit 111, Maple Ontario (Vaughan Spine and Sport Therapy)


Thursdays from 7-9:30 pm

Cost:  $565.00

The cost includes all taxes and materials. Some workplace benefit plans will cover the cost of MBSR.

For more information please email admin@yorkregioncbt.com  or call us at 905-417-4442.

If you have specific questions about the group and would like to speak with Dr. Beaman, book a 10-15 phone consultation on any Tuesday afternoon.

See this video narrated by Dan Harris for some insight into the mindfulness practice