Tinnitus Management Group Program

Are you or a loved one suffering with noises in your ears or head?  That’s tinnitus!

We are excited to announce that we are currently accepting referrals for our new Tinnitus Management Program.

York Region CBT and Salus Hearing Centre have joined together to develop this unique program.  Our multi-disciplinary approach combines the clinical expertise of Psychologist Dr. Amanda Beaman and Doctor of Audiology Sabrina DeToma, into a 6-week program.

We have incorporated the latest evidence from both fields into our program which is geared towards helping patients manage the symptoms of tinnitus more effectively.  The program incorporates Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulnessbased approaches, which have both been found to improve the quality of life of people suffering with tinnitus.

Through this 6-week program, patients will receive:

  • An initial hearing screening
  • A mental health screen
  • A workbook of psycho-educational and medical information about tinnitus and its impact on mental health
  • A tool-kit of mindfulness and CBT strategies for managing tinnitus symptoms
  • Weekly take-home exercises
  • A follow-up session to assess the ongoing application of the tools 1 month after the program
  • A treatment summary report for your medical records

The total cost of the program is:  $1100.00

A deposit of 300.00 is required to secure registration for individuals who have completed the initial hearing and mental health screen, and are deemed suitable for the program. The deposit will be applied to the overall cost of the program and is non-refundable if participants cancel less than 10 business days before the start of the program.

What are the next steps?

Our next group program will begin in mid-late September 2017.  The exact start date will be confirmed by the second week of August 2017.  The group will be held on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm.

If you are interested in the program please book your initial hearing and mental health screening appointment by clicking below on the link.  We are currently offering screening appointments in July 2017.  Additional screening appointments will be offered as needed. The screening appointment will last 1 hour and will involve a 30-minute meeting first with an audiologist and then a psychologist.  This appointment is free and will determine whether interested parties are appropriate candidates for the program.

Book appointment by clicking on the link below:


Questions about the program can be forwarded to  yorkregiontmg@gmail.com.